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At Auto portail, we offer you many services, aimed at making your life as a motorist easier. Indeed, we assist you in the sale or purchase of your vehicle, for administrative procedures, but also with additional services (fuel badge rental and toll badge).

As a user, satisfied or not, your opinion counts. We need your customer experience to improve and satisfy you even more

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4.8/5 Excellent

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    You certainly know the saying "an unhappy customer tells 10 others"? This was true before the arrival of the internet. Today, an unhappy customer may speak orally to another, but will mainly share his bad experience via a website. And there, it is more than 1000 people informed of dissatisfaction.

    So, of course, it is necessary to bring up negative reviews, because they make it possible to detect a problem in order to correct it or to improve the service offered.

    But if you were satisfied with our services, our expertise and experience, say so as well. Indeed, in the internet age, customers tend to consult reviews before any purchase, so our customers are our advertising, since satisfied customer reviews help us develop and to build loyalty.

  • Bad customer experience? Tell us

    You were dissatisfied with our advice or our services? You have your say. For example, you are unhappy with our responsiveness, you consider the response time too long. Do not hesitate to let us know.

    Likewise, you feel that your request has not been well understood and that your problem has not been properly treated, let us know, because we are constantly looking to provide a quality service to our customers.

    Or, you were deeply disappointed with our welcome (bad human experience, lack of empathy, unpleasant response, etc.), bring this information up.

    You have subscribed to a subscription for a service that you consider not to be up to par and you consider that we have not assisted you correctly (you have found a cheaper fuel terminal than the one that was offered to you, or the estimate of your vehicle was not beneficial for you, for example). We are deeply sorry and want to be informed so that this situation does not happen again.

    Our team of professionals systematically seeks to provide the best possible service and we thank you for sharing any bad experience with us.

  • You have ideas for improvement, let us know

    Our team is made up of motorists with the same needs as you, which is why we are constantly looking to develop our offers and services.

    If you have suggestions and recommendations, do not hesitate to let us know here, at all levels:

    • Improvement of the offer and development of new services;
    • Improvement of our website for better use of our tools;
    • Customer service and ease of contacting us;
    • Etc.

    All your advice will be studied, with the greatest care, by our product team.