FAQ driving license

We answer here the most frequently asked questions that you ask yourself about the driving license, on all themes, from obtaining to its renewal through the procedure to follow in case of loss:

If you have just passed the driving license exam, you must log on to the website of the National Agency for Secure Titles (ANTS) to order your official document. Your driving school can also do it for you, if it offers this service.

In case of loss of your driver's license, it is necessary to react very quickly because malicious people could use your document and usurp your identity. Fortunately, you can initiate the procedures online, and you will not have to travel or wait for the opening of administrative offices.
Go immediately to the website of the National Agency for Secure Titles (ANTS). Prepare a digital photo-signature, proof of identity, proof of address less than six months old and a dematerialized tax stamp of 25 euros. Enter your phone number to be kept informed of the progress of your file.

If you have just been stolen your driver's license, you must make a declaration of theft as soon as possible, in a police station or in a gendarmerie brigade. To save time, you can start by initiating a pre-complaint online before going to the police station or gendarmerie of your choice to finalize the procedure.
Thanks to the receipt you are going to get you can drive in France for two months. Once the complaint has been filed, start the same procedures as if you had lost your license, on the ANTS website, to receive your new driver's license.

Following the request to be made on the ANTS website, after a loss or theft, you will receive an SMS or an email once your file has been studied. From this moment, you can download a loss certificate from your ANTS personal space. This document will allow you to drive legally while waiting to receive your new driver's license.

The online order tracking service for your new driver's license is available on the FranceConnect website or directly on the website of the National Agency for Secure Titles (ANTS), where you will have previously filed your request. We advise you to create an account on the ANTS website if this is not already done, to facilitate your procedures and your follow-up.

The driver's license is shipped by La Poste, by Lettre Expert, which is a secure package, delivered against signature. It is therefore essential that you fill in your delivery address correctly and as precisely as possible when making your request. Also, make sure that your full name appears on your mailbox so that the postman can make sure that he is at the right address.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to cancel your declaration of loss of your driver's license once it has been filed. Thus, if you find your license after declaring it lost, you will no longer be able to use it and you will have to destroy it.

If your driver's license is damaged and the information on it has become illegible or difficult to read, you must order a new document. To do this, follow exactly the same procedure as if you had lost your driver's license.

To pay for your driver's license, you must use the dematerialized tax stamp since January 2019. You will no longer find physical tax stamps, they only exist in electronic form.

You can buy them online on the dedicated government website or in approved tobacco shops if you are not comfortable with online payments. Also note that the tax stamp is not nominative, you can ask a friend or a member of your family to make the payment online for you.

You will receive your tax stamp by email or SMS. Note that it is valid for one year, to allow you to carry out your procedures serenely, without haste.

In France, the legal age to be able to drive a car alone is set at 18 years old, but from January 2024, it will be 17 years old.

It is already possible to drive before reaching this legal age, in particular thanks to early learning (AAC) which allows access to accompanied driving from the age of 15, under certain conditions, including the agreement of the legal representative and the insurance company. For the moment, if you obtain your license in advance after having benefited from accompanied driving, you will only be able to drive alone after reaching the age of 18.

Also, know that most insurance companies will refuse to insure you after 80 years old, but this is a matter of negotiation between you and the insurers.

In France, there is no age limit that would prohibit the elderly from driving. Indeed, the legislators considered that it would be unfair to deprive certain people of their mobility on the sole basis of their age when some are still in excellent physical condition despite the passing years.

We therefore rely on the individual responsibility of each person to estimate whether he is still capable of driving in view of his own sensory capacities. Also, some insurers and the Road Safety organize meetings, courses and assessments so that everyone can assess their abilities and, if necessary, give up driving.

If you are preparing a diploma related to road transport, such as the CAP road driver for example, you will be able to benefit from the supervised driving regime from the age of 16.

The old format of license, pink cardboard, is valid until January 19, 2033. The new format of license, similar to a bank card in appearance, has been issued since 2013 for a validity period of 15 years. The first renewal will therefore have to be done from 2028, depending on the date of obtaining your document.

This renewal will be done online and will consist of a simple administrative procedure. You will not have to retake any exam. It will only be a matter of updating your personal information such as your address or your identity photo.

If you obtained your driver's license several years ago, your license is in the form of a pink cardboard document. You have probably noticed that this format is no longer issued by the authorities and the document is now in the form of a plastic card, similar in size to a bank card.

Rest assured, your pink license remains valid until January 19, 2033 and you will therefore not have to request a replacement before if you manage to keep it in good condition.

If you cannot obtain a driver's license, or if it has been withdrawn, you can turn to alternatives to conventional vehicles. Electric cars whose power does not exceed 1 kilowatt as well as mopeds and light quadricycles with engines do not require a driver's license or obtaining the highway code exam.

Be careful however, if you were born after December 31, 1987, you will only be able to drive these vehicles after having followed a theoretical and practical training in order to obtain a driving authorization, namely the AM license. This measure is intended to protect all road users by ensuring that everyone masters the basic rules of the highway code, such as priority to the right or the understanding of signs.

The driver's license is an official identity document, issued by the French government.. However, each organization with which you have to prove your identity is free to accept or reject a particular document

Unlike a national identity card or passport, a driver's license does not mention the holder's nationality, and is therefore the most frequently requested form of proof of identity.

If your license was issued by a European country or the United Kingdom before 2021, you can drive on French soil without any additional steps.

If your license was issued by a foreign country outside Europe, you can drive on French soil provided you accompany your license with an official translation into French, and only if you stay in France for a short stay, such as for holidays or a professional seminar.

On the other hand, if you wish to settle permanently in France, you will have to exchange your original license for a French license. To do this, go to the website of the National Agency for Secure Titles to initiate this free procedure. Your French license will be sent to your home in France if the country that issued your initial title is recognized by France as entitling you to an equivalent. Otherwise, you will have to retake your driver's license on French soil.

Your French driver's license is valid in all countries of the European Economic Area. You will therefore have no steps to take to drive in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia or Sweden. You will only have to present your French license in the event of a check.

The United Kingdom and Switzerland, although not part of the European Economic Area, also accept that you drive on their soil with your French license.

On the other hand, outside these states, each country is free to set the rules it wants. Therefore, consult the website of the embassy of each state to comply with its legislation in terms of road safety. Note that most countries ask foreign nationals to obtain an international license to drive in their country.

You will have to make your request for an international license online, on the website of the National Agency for Secure Titles. Note that this license is free, but it must be requested well before your departure for the foreign country in which you wish to drive. The administration recommends allowing a period of six months, but international licenses are generally issued more quickly.

The international license is valid for three years, provided that your basic license does not expire before this period. It is obviously renewable as many times as necessary, following the same procedure as for the initial request.

Attention, your international license does not replace your French license. It is only a supplement. Thus, during a check abroad, in a country that requires it, you will have your classic license accompanied by your international license. Also note that an international license exactly reproduces the categories of vehicles authorized by your classic license. You will therefore not be allowed to drive a 125 cc motorcycle abroad, for example, if you are not in France.

In France, your international license has no value and you will therefore have to present only your classic license in the event of a check.

The AM license allows you to drive mopeds and carts from the age of 14, after having followed a theoretical training and a practical training of at least eight hours. Note that this specific category of license is not subject to the classic license points system.

The B license, or car license, is the classic license, the one that allows you to drive cars weighing less than 3.5 tons and with a maximum capacity of 8 passengers. The A, A1 and A2 licenses allow you to drive motorcycles of different displacements.

As for them, the C and D licenses are professional licenses allowing to drive vehicles for the transport of goods greater than 7.5 tons and vehicles used for the transport of people.

Finally, the E license is a license that is added to an existing license to have permission to add a trailer.

To find out how many points you have on your license, simply consult the Télépoints teleservice, accessible from FranceConnect. After committing an offense, you will receive a letter to your home indicating the number of points lost if applicable, and the remaining balance.

If you have lost all of your points, you will receive a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt indicating that your license is no longer valid. You will then have 10 days to go to the Prefecture of the jurisdiction of your domicile and return your license. << br>
If you follow an awareness-raising course to recover points or that you have not committed any new offense within the re-attribution period, you will receive a simple letter indicating your points balance.

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, refusing to submit to an alcohol test or consumption of illicit products, speeding in excess of 40 km / hour, driving with a hand associated with dangerous behavior, a refusal to comply or involvement in an accident resulting in bodily injury following dangerous behavior can result in the withdrawal of your driver's license.

Yes, if your license has been withdrawn following an offense or an administrative decision, you must notify your insurance company by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within 15 days.

The license is generally suspended for a period of 6 months, but the suspension can go up to 1 year for the most serious offenses.

Yes, a dismissal for withdrawal of the driver's license can be justified if driving is an integral part of the employee's duties, for example if he is a delivery person.

If the employee's inability is not due to an offense on his part but to a medical problem, the employer will have to offer another position to his employee. For example, the delivery person can become a receptionist in the transport company.

If your license has been withdrawn following an offense related to the consumption of alcohol or drugs, you will have to be declared fit to drive again by a doctor who will establish a medical certificate. You will have to make the request on the website of the National Agency for Secure Titles (ANTS).

The psychotechnical examination is generally requested in the event of a recurrence of driving under the influence of alcohol or in the event of driving under the influence of drugs. It must be carried out with an authorized psychologist. It lasts about 45 minutes and aims to determine if you are able to react in a manner consistent with the rules of the road.

The medical examination concerns your sensory capacities such as sight and hearing to determine if your physical condition allows you to drive safely for you as well as for other road users.

Biological examinations can also be requested, to check that your body is no longer intoxicated by illicit products.

The commission may also decide to submit you to other examinations, in addition to the usual physical, biological and psychotechnical tests, if it deems it necessary.

For any suspension of less than one month not related to the consumption of alcohol or drugs, you will only have to recover your driver's license from the prefecture to which your home address depends at the end of the withdrawal period.

On the other hand, if the suspension period is more than one month, you will have to undergo a medical examination before being able to recover your license.

If, following a serious offense, a judge has decided to judicially suspend your driver's license, you can request a white license. This device is an arrangement of the judicial suspension of your license to allow you to continue driving if you have professional or family imperatives.

Attention, the white license is only granted under strict conditions and if you provide sufficient complete and precise supporting documents for the reason why the judge should benefit from it. Also, it will be systematically refused if you have committed serious offenses such as a hit and run or a speeding of more than 50 km / hour.